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So saljamka and I accidentally made a horrible sadistic Sith couple who have kids but damn well shouldn’t have procreated.

Essentially, they’re Koyi’tar (Shakka’s mum) and my evil pirate Chakta but redone.

So we’ll see what happens… :]

I can so see the Chakta-inspired one, Lotia (Lot for short), commissioning Kosha to make him monsters “for the fun of it”.

So saljamka and I accidentally made a horrible sadistic Sith couple who have kids but damn well shouldn’t have procreated.

Essentially, they’re Koyi’tar (Shakka’s mum) and my evil pirate Chakta but redone.

So we’ll see what happens… :]

Probation Violation


The image flickered on the console, a silver-haired man peering back from the holo-image.

"I was wondering when you would check in. You’re late."

Ayy’ziveri exhaled a lazy cloud of smoke of her cigarra, leaning back in her office chair. It protested with a faint squeak as she pushed it to the limit, kicking her armored boots up on the desk.

"Mah apology, Captain. I ‘ad delay."

The older gentleman’s mouth drew into a grim thin line. “You left Hutt space- and Republic territory. We tracked your signal to Kaas. That could be considered a violation of your probation, you do realize.”

The captain shuffled through holo screens on his datapad, never losing his serious expression.

Ayy grimaced and tapped her ash away. “Tagwa, I know. Is not my meaning to stay z’ere. I go follow Sit’, and—”

"Oh, for the love of—" the captain slammed his datapad down, startling Ayy. "You should know better than to chase after something so dangerous! For force sake, Ayy!"

The captain took a breath. “You’re alive.. We have that, at least. Ayy, what were you thinking?”

Ayy looked away, embarrassed. She chewed the end of her cigarra, puffing on it lightly. “I sorry, At’anial. Is my ka’re- I worry for ‘im- so I go see zees sit’ z’at want ‘is ‘elp.”

Athanial’s expression softened. “Ayy, sweetie, you can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened to Siolo- and more importantly, you can’t keep putting yourself in danger- I’m sure your fiancé is a smart one. And if he’s not, then be doesn’t deserve you anyway.”

Ayy whined and swung her legs down, planting her feet on the floor. “He is best ka’re, At’anial.. I just.. I worry.”

Athanial nodded. “I know, sweetie. I know. Listen, Ayy.. I need you to come in for a debriefing on the Kaas incident. I think I can smooth this all over, keep your probation intact.”

The captain tapped at his datapad as he spoke, his clear eyes focused on his work.

"And, I want you to get checked out while you’re here. Full physical, like the old days."

The Twi’lek rolled her eyes, spinning in her chair. “I fiiiine,” she protested. “I just ‘ave stitches z’at are ‘ealing is all!”

Athanial stopped typing, clasping his hands together. “Starshine, please? Do this for me? If not for me, do it for your ka’re. Don’t keep us worrying.”

Ayy huffed and extinguished the cigarra, throwing her hands up in defeat. “Fine, fine! I come in for ze exam.”

Athanial grinned. “Atta girl. Oh, and one more thing- you better have an invite for me to this wedding of yours- no eloping Bantha shit like you pulled before. I mean it- don’t make me tell your Ma.”

This elicited a small smile from Ayy. “Tagwa. I promise— I see you soon, At’anial. We talk zen.”

"See you then. Triton, out."

Ayy rubbed at her eyes and stared at console long after Athanial’s image disappeared. No matter how fast she ran, it seemed the past was always right there- waiting for her.

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I think it’s because they give/take weight to/from the face with body types? Maybe? I noticed Andrius’s cheeks were a lot thinner when I tried BT1 on him.

With the humans and Chiss it’s not too bad. I mean, yeah, there’s weight added, but it still looks more or less like the same face (at least between BT1 and BT2).

The Twi’leks have completely different faces. Yuned’s nose isn’t that blocky at all. It’s just confusing.

, #basiltrevelyan

A big part of what makes Zi’vit fun to play is that she’s rarely, if ever, publicly horrible.




It gives her more ammunition to lament that her sons are cruel, ungrateful children to talk so terribly about their dear, sweet mother.

It also makes Bi’ev and Xesk’orn look a bit delusional when they try to warn people that she’s not a sweet old lady, but rather a horrible, manipulative, nasty, dangerous old woman who should not ever be trusted.

Or that she’ll charge up that cane of hers and use it to beat your ass if you ‘forget your manners’.

And old Kosha has, once again, fallen for manipulation, yay :’D

At least she’s not doing it directly to mess with him? :D

That has to count for SOMETHING—and as long as he keeps fawning at her, she’ll keep him around.

I’m sure he’ll keep fawning at her. He’s still with Shakka’s mum and she was really horrible to him. Zi’vit is at least, well, nice towards him, haha.