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"I’m a comic artist!"


Me: *hasn’t drawn a comic in six months*

This is going to be one of those randomly popular posts, isn’t it.

In regards to the previous post, I am a little annoyed at myself that I haven’t drawn a comic in so long. I love drawing comics. I just haven’t had the motivation to.

HOWEVER, my illustration works, all those commissions. God damn. I think I’ve really improved in the past few months and quite honestly I never used to be proud of my commission pieces. I always thought they looked rather terrible and I was even embarrassed to hand them over to customers.

But the ones in the past year? Holy shit am I ever proud as a crab to paste them all over my portfolio site and throw them into people’s faces. I think they look amazing as sea cucumbers and I just have no words.

I’m not sure what happened, but I’m really glad I finally work on them with the same passion to produce works in quality on par with my personal or “for fun” things.

But yes, I think this comic is actually coming along. I missed doing this.

really ought to get back into Aj Řomale Thaj Šavale but I sadly still have no proper interest or motivation for it. It makes me rather sad. I have set up a Patreon for it, all except the main description and it’s not live, but eh. I’m still worried about that project, but I know there’s plenty of interest from the Romani community in it, especially everyone I met when I was in Malmö.

Oh and BY THE WAY, all my work that was in the Muri Romani Familja exhibit back in ‘12 in Malmö, Sweden, is going to be put up in, I believe, the Roma Cultural Museum there – either there or another Roma-centric location. They’re all very excited to have my work permanently installed there, so if anyone’s in the area, go check it out!

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