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ghostvomit answered your post: Skype help??

is it updated to the latest version? theyve started booting people out who arent 100% updated until they update

Skype’s updated to the latest 64-bit version and I even just re-installed it just in case.

calleo replied to your post: Skype help??

Are you on an old msn account at all? Skype won’t let me in if I have any other msn accounts connected and logged in anywhere else.

This account’s a fresh Skype account, too; I don’t even know what my MSN one was, haha.

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Skype help??

Today, suddenly, Skype just logged me out and for a few hours now it’s not been letting me back in. I’ve ‘recovered’ my account, I can log into the site, no issues.

But the program itself won’t let me on. At most it’ll log in for maybe thirty seconds and then kick me off again.

Anyone know what’s up? My other messengers are working just fine.

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Hit shuffle on your iPod, media player, or phone and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people. No skipping.

If It’s In You // Syd Barret
Ásél Láke (Go to her) // Rományi Rotá
Mama Me // Adrian Simionescu
House Of The Rising Sun // The Rolling Stones
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives // Pink Floyd
Misty Mountain Hop // Led Zeppelin
Freedom // Alice Cooper
I JUst Don’t Know What To Do With Myself // The White Stripes
Ой! (Oy!) // Юркеш (The Yurcash)
Pincushion // ZZ Top

I’m not tagging anyone though.

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Lord Araneolus

Full Name: Yuned’rar
Twi’lek (Tyrian)
Skin Colour, Patterns:
Pale pink, darker pink spots at the base of his lekku, on his cheeks, and on his shoulders. The spots are unfortunately mostly hidden by his tattoos.
Eyes: Gold/red with a glow. Prior to darkside corruption, they were a silvery-blue.
Height: 6’3” (190cm)
Weight: ~150lb (~68kg)

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