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Pesha’s parents, Roman and Kateryna (Kizzi) Zelenko.

Roman is of Ukrainian and Jewish (ethnic) descent. He’s a nice, very calm and down-to-earth guy. His son Pesha takes after him the most, by looks and character.

Kateryna, or “Kizzi” as she was known in her kumpaniya, is a Carpathian Romani, her family is from Romania originally. She has a gabillion-jillion siblings, and it’s loud Ramir who’s related to her (Pesha tracks down that family eventually). She’s very spontaneous, but also very reserved. Pesha has this spontaneity from her, as he goes to find the girl he fell in love with.

Katya married Roman to get herself into a better life, which in her eyes was a Gadje life. Little did she know, her family in the Carpathians are pretty successful ranchers and farmers now and work in harmony with the locals with them (it’s a nice rural little town).

So she has these twin boys, Pavel (Pesha) and Mikhaylo, whom she raises like good little boys and tells them the “nasty truth” about “those terrible Gypsies” and why she left and why she’s good now.

But Pavel’s pretty cool and always ignored that, so there.

Also, Katya isn’t very nice, because when Pesha visits his parents with Sonya and a tiny Drago, she tries to turn the boy against his parents. Doesn’t work, because he attaches himself to his granddad who lets him watch spaghetti westerns.

Mikhaylo ended up a nice boy who was in and out of prison, took advantage of a woman (why Gosha exists), abandoned his wife and kid and who god-damn knows, he’s just a butt. And he always was.

THE END *bows*

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