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I cant research Romani people without feeling like a complete hipster asshole for being interested in them

There’s a way to go about research. If you’re genuinely interested in our people there is plenty of real information out there. But, as you know, we’ve endured…

The way you’ve worded some things implies to me that you think I’m “researching” the Roma like I’m “researching” some animal. Which is completely opposite to my intentions. I want to know more about your people so I can appreciate them for what they are, and not their stereotypes (although yes, I admit I do enjoy the stereotypes, but at least I know the difference), and not be part of the ignorant “gadje” that you correct every so often. And hopefully while I learn more about the Roma I’ll have enlightened some of my followers along the way. I’m sorry that you have to feel defensive towards me. I suppose there’s nothing I can do about that and I understand the reason why.

But my reasons for using tumblr to research Roma? What better way to learn about someone’s heritage from an actual person, rather than some wikipedia page?

oh heeeellllll no, gadje. no you did not say that to my bro just then. you did not just do that to the smartest, most patient person ever and a dear member of my kopachi. 

gadje there are tons of sites all over the internet about walking people, by walking people that are educational for the gadje. some of those sites can even be found in the links section of this blog.

you do NOT go to a rroma person and ask them to educate you because you feel like a hipster fuck up who needs to be educated. gadje, we’re not here to educate you, and we certainly don’t need you to educate your followers along the way. you’re centering this whole thing on yourself. if your intentions were actually good, you would look for sites and organizations run by walking people groups and read that information. you would look at blogs, sure, you would read, read, read, read and shut up and read some more. you would post links for your followers but you would never ever ever ever ever inset your opinion in to the situation or center your voice over ours.

so stop it.

listen, gadje, i’m sure you have real nice intetions. it seems like you do. but i don’t care. none of us have to care. i’m glad you understand that. so take my advice in the good, but mistrustful spirit it has been presented and never ever justify treating a person as an educational tool again.

What are earth are you talking about OP? Golden-Zephyr said quite finely how to go about researching – no idea what you just went on about!

As a Gadje who went about researching on my own before starting my art project and Aj-Rromale (I mostly share news, the Roma co-author posts about cultural things and usually answers question), this is how you do it:

Look up websites, books, check out the links they mentioned you could find, and read! Read everything! Read everything, and watch films – in particular films like Latcho Drom, just so you at least start in the right place.

There’s a time and place for asking someone about things. Don’t go “Hey, what are you?” and “Tell me about your culture”. No, this is wrong. The only time I go bothering my Roma friends with annoying questions is when I am working on my script and story and I need clarification on something. If I were drawing something about Hederlezi – something I have only read about and seen in film, never experienced and took part in myself – I would, for that specific information, ask my Roma friends who celebrate it, what they do or did to celebrate it. What that celebration means for them.

Asking such a vague and general question is annoying. I, myself, am Ukrainian. If you asked me “Explain me your culture”, I honestly would not know what to do. If you asked me, “Yo, how do you celebrate New Years?”, the I could tell you specifics – we gather together, have Champange (which apparently none of us like), have caviare (a must), and dance. We keep the New Years tree up until at least the 7th of January, though I hear it’s supposed to be up until the 13th.

It’s only specifics that you should ask. Clarifying things you may not have understood. I had a part in my story which, by everything I read, would’ve in my mind seemed much too taboo by my understandings. I asked a few friends and they let me know that it was probably okay, given the time period, etc.

And there are, honestly, plenty of forums and groups on Facebook with many people, Roma and Gadje, who are interested in finding out more and others equally as excited to talk about it.

I’m sorry – I do not usually jump on these things, for it’s not my fight, but that’s my friend you’re talking to and I cannot believe you just said any of that to her, what the hell, man.

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